In the Beginning…

Shadow Closet Studios started as an experiment in the fall of 1998 when its founders (Paul Kimbrel and Steve Hampton) wanted to see what it would take to record high quality sound (specifically music) with a computer. After several attempts to record a song with a cheap sound card ($28) and an even cheaper microphone ($5), the first song was recorded. It was… well… interesting. From there, the lack of material to record became an issue. Enter our first artist – Chad Lemons. Chad had tons of material – enough for an entire CD. Paul, Chad, Steve, and several other friends worked together to create ten new songs. With a lot of trial and a whole lot more error, a bit of luck, and some divine intervention, we recorded our first CD at Shadow Closet – “Verisimilitude”.

Since then, the studio has improved by leaps and bounds (and moved). We now have a dedicated facility, better equipment, and a lot more knowledge. We have had the privilege to record several incredible artists – such as Amy Curl, “Doxazo” (also known as the “Momma’s Boyz”), Jillian Tully (also known as “Rainy Day Assembly”) and many others! Check out the “Artists” page on our website to sample some of the work done at Shadow Closet Studios .

The Name

Shadow Closet? What kind of name is that? Well, the computer that we used to record/store/mix the first audio recordings was called “Shadow Catcher” (after a song by Daniel Amos). That’s where we got “Shadow”. The first version of the studio existed in our student apartment (not the most ideal place in the world to record music). To get some peace and quiet, we isolated our instrument players and singers from the rest of the apartment in one of the spacious (5′x6′) walk-in closets. We got everything in there: congas, guitar players, singers, etc. That’s where we got “Closet”. Shadow Closet! Chad was the first to have the guts to really call it that name outside of the studio.

Side note: For those who are wondering… No, we didn’t get an entire drum set in the closet – we took over one our parents’ basement for that.

Thankfully, we have graduated well beyond the closet. The studio now has a larger facility to record any instrument you want (sorry, no full orchestras yet).

Paul Kimbrel

Paul Kimbrel is the sole owner and operator of Shadow Closet Studios. He has recorded all the bands listed on the “Artists” page and more. He works full time as a computer programmer for a large insurance company, but has done live sound since 1993 and studio engineering since 1998.