Shadow Closet Studios is a Christian recording studio, though we will record anyone – Christian or not. We ask, however, that the music we record be free of obscenities or immoral innuendoes (which is overly present in today’s music industry anyway). We do not want to stem off creativity, but we ask artists who use our facility to create in good taste. This is a touchy subject for some artists, but it is our conviction that our moral values should superscede our recording obligations. If, at some point during a recording, we find the material we are recording is in violation of this policy, we reserve the right to cancel the remainder of the recording process. We will hand over any recorded material up to that point and the client would be charged only for that material.

Also know that we are only a recording studio. We do not handle getting permission to record other people’s music – that is the responsibility of the artist. We will record in good faith of these arrangements. If arrangements can not be verified, we reserve the right to refuse services.

Privacy Policy

We also want you to know that we respect your privacy. No personally identifiable information is collected on this website. The only time we collect such information is during the negotiations of a recording proposal (which is outside the scope of this web site). Said information is used only by Shadow Closet Studios for reasons of communication with our clients and for billing purposes. No information is given or sold to any third party (with the exception of a court ordered subpoena).