“How much will it cost to…”

“…record a demo of me singing to a back-track?”

Quite simply: $50 per song. That will get you any tape conversion (transferring your audio tapes to the computer), set up, record time, and a final mix. We have a variety of tools to help you sound your best. Given the computer-based nature of the studio, we can go back and re-record any section of music you want in order to get your performance perfect. We have several high quality compressor and reverb plug-ins to get the punch your voice needs to be noticed. We also have a few other tricks up our sleeve. Didn’t quite hit that note on pitch? No problem – we can fix that without having to go back and re-record. You still need to be a good singer to sound like a good singer, but with our tools, we’ll make your voice the best that it can be.

Please note that we no longer remove vocals from existing recordings.

“…record a full band doing a full album?”

We previously had a chart showing a price-per-hour charge for recording. As you can see, it is no longer here. It’s difficult to give a price-per-hour charge when you have no idea how long it will take to record. Each group is different. Each talent that comes to the studio has a different dynamic. This studio was built for the purpose of making music – not for getting rich. We don’t want to suck the bands who come to us dry.

So, we have decided to work on a proposal-based fee. We will sit down with you and get a feel for how much work will be involved. How many songs are there? How many instruments per song are there? How much will be involved in recording each track? Based on this information, we will calculate how much time we feel it will take record and mix the album. The current rate per hour is $50.

Once we have a final dollar amount, you decide whether or not to continue. If we do, we will keep track of how much time is used to record the album. If, by some great stroke of luck, we go under the estimated time, the cost is re-figured to represent a lower amount for you. If we take longer to record (as is usually the case), the cost will not go beyond the original proposal – given that all parameters of the proposal remain the same. However, if you decide to add a new song, or add a large chunk of work to an existing song, a new proposal will be created and added to the original cost.

One of the problems with this method comes in the form of artists who like to write music in the studio. We highly discourage this. If you are come into the studio unprepared, we reserve the right to make the proposal by-the-hour (it will be one or the other – you will know ahead of time). This is to protect our time and efforts and keep the studio available for those artists who are prepared.

“…create a basic demo?”

This implies that you don’t have a full band. We have a variety of musical tools that you can use to create basic drum patterns, bass loops, etc., to accompany your music. Together with your talents, you can create a professional sounding demo to pitch to record companies, send as examples for gigs, or have as your own personal treasure. The cost of this work falls under the same rules as recording a full band.

“…have you mix down tracks I recorded elsewhere?”

We use the basic rate of $50 per hour when mixing down tracks recorded from another studio. Final price is negotiable. Again, we’re in the business of making music!

“…restore old recordings?”

Yes, we restore old recordings! We can restore old tape and vinyl recordings and get them sounding better than they ever have before. Keep in mind – we are not miracle workers! We have to have something to work with. However, we can remove tape hiss, pops, and clicks. We can even punch up recordings so you can hear them better. We can also convert tapes or MP3’s to CD to preserve that hard-or-impossible-to-find album.

Got a recording of one of your grandparents telling their childhood on tape? Send it to us and we can make sure it lasts for generations. Got a video tape and want the audio on CD? We can transfer it! Odd video formats are generally not supported – but hey, if you have the video player, we can use it! We also have connections with video studios in town to help connect you with someone who has the right video player for your needs.

Basic conversion involves the transfer of media from one form to another with simple hiss removal (if necessary). For more extensive restoration (such has mastering and pop/click removal), the standard studio rate of $50/hr is used.

Basic conversion rates are as follows:

  1. $5 per song conversion (basic hiss removal)
  2. $15 per album conversion (for entire tapes or LP albums)
  3. $10 to convert MP3’s to CD (up to 80 minutes worth)