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Amy Curl

Excerpt from “About Amy Curl” (from a website that no longer exists)

Folk-pop songwriter Amy Curl entertains with musings on office dress codes, ill-behaving attorneys, the conundrum of disappearing pants, and the fine art of surviving relationships. Named Songwriter of the Year by her department at work, Amy also received two nominations (Best Acoustic Artist, Best Acoustic Album) for the 2004 Madison Area Music Awards. Additionally, she’s earned an honorable mention in the pop/rock category of the 2003 national song contest sponsored by the Madison Songwriters Group. Amy’s music delights and engages listeners as they lounge with a latte or a lemon shot.

Three solo CDs showcase Amy’s lovely voice and thoughtful lyrics. Her most recent release, mixed bag, is also her first studio project and includes a mix of solo piano and acoustic guitar work alongside a variety of additional percussion, cello, and electric guitar. Piano-based twenty different tries features the bulk of Amy’s live show material, while the reissued CD version of guitar-based convincingly repentant includes her ode to the oft-uncelebrated “Pharmacy Technician.”

Amy began her musical journey at church, community festivals, weddings, and the obligatory recitals. After college, she traded central Illinois for Madison, Wisconsin and pursued songwriting as a form of cheap therapy. Family, neighbors, and coworkers all serve as inspiration for her songs. She also petsits.

Amy recommends walking, weightlifting, and yoga for all your body movement needs.

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