The How-To of Studio Recording

Or… “how to write myself out of a job”

This section is a repository of tutorials for developing a studio, recording, and mixing. It’s a collection of knowledge that I’ve acquired from almost 15 years of audio engineering.

Why on earth would I give away my secrets??

Because I learned from being in the trenches. I didn’t go to school to learn to be an audio engineer. I was never formally mentored. I simply jumped in and started twirling the knobs and recording. I tried to find those elusive books that tell you the “how’s” and the “why’s”. I’ve found a few, but they were never very complete. They were written either before the affordable-computer-recording era, or were written by folks who seem to think money is cheap.

I’ve also searched the internet. Ha!

So here’s my attempt at creating a single repository that takes you from start to finish (where ever finish may be) of creating a studio and properly recording and mixing your music.

And if it all seems a bit more than you can manage, remember… the studio is open!

  1. The Basics
    1. Gorilla Recording
    2. Engineering Roles
    3. Aspects of Sounds
  2. Hook up
    1. Signals
    2. Connectors
    3. Adapters
  3. Output
    1. Start and the end
    2. Hardware
  4. Input
    1. Pre-amps
    2. Microphones
    3. Instruments
    4. Drums
    5. Fake it ’till you make it
  5. Recording
    1. Technique
    2. Software
    3. File Management
  6. Mixing
    1. Technique
    2. Panning and Placement
    3. The Evil EQ
    4. Routing
    5. Effects
    6. Final Touches
  7. Mastering